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Nike Air Max 90

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Nike Air Max 90 Facts
  • Several Styles are available.
  • Traction Promoting Features
  • Additional Cushioning
  • Looks retro, feels modern


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Fashionable and casual – this is how the universal shoes Nike Air Max 90 can be characterized. They go well with jeans and less formal outfits, although today´s trends also include a combination of such shoes with a sports jacket. The design has been developed in a balanced way – modern, and at the same time referring to traditional sports patterns. The upper of the shoes Nike Air Max 90 is made of the best materials (leather) with high vapor permeability – it allows our feet to breathe freely.

Noteworthy is the sole made of a strong, flexible material with a tread profile, which will protect us from slipping. Shoes Nike for men are at the same time the highest comfort and perfect fit, which has been achieved thanks to the use of modern technical solutions . Great utility values, comfort, and at the same time impeccable style – this is how you can sum up the features of this model Nike. The shoes are intended for all year.

This model is Known as the Air Max III until 2000, when it was reissued taking its name from the year of its launch. The original colorway of white/black/cool grey with infrared was chosen to exaggerate the thickness of the sole air cushion. The upper featured Duromesh, synthetic felt and synthetic leather. Nike specially designed a pair of Nike Air Max 90s for President George H.W. Bush. Images of the customized sneakers have been seen around the Department of Nike Archives, and feature AIR PRES branding along with what appears to be a unique colorway.

How Do Nike Air Max 90 Fit?

When it comes to Air Max 90 sizing, true to size is a good choice. Some pairs are more snug depending on materials used.

Are The Air Max 90s Good Running Shoes?

Technically, one could run in the AM90. There are better, more modern choices that exist for running today, however in the early 1990s lots of people ran in them!

Do Air Max 90s Make You Taller?

The Air Max 90 has a thick, wedge-shaped midsole. Once your foot is inside the shoe however, you gain roughly 3 cm of height.

Why Are Air Max 90s Popular?

The unique wedge shape, attractive design, comfort and wild colorways all contribute to the popularity of the model. A large, attention-getting Air Unit helps as well.

Are Air Max 90 still in style?

Other sneakers of the moment will hog the spotlight, but the Air Max 90 is consistently a sneaker that sells well and is worn by many to this day. The classic looking runner can be paired with many modern looks.

Where To Buy The Nike Air Max 90?

The Air Max 90 can be found on https://janatashoes.com/product/nike-air-max-90


Brown, Dior/Grey, White/Grey/Red


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